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Colachel is located within the administrative jurisdiction of Kanyakumari District.

Colachel is a second grade Municipal town situated on the west coast of Kanyakumari District. It is a natural ship port on the Malabar coast, 20 km north-west of KanyaKumari (Cape Comorin), the southernmost tip of peninsular India.

It is an ancient port town, Vasco da Gama called it as ‘Colachi’. Before the State re-organization in 1956, it was part of the Travancore State.

After the defeat of the Dutch by King Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma in 1741, a victory pillar had been erected near the beach in commemoration of the victory.

The town is bounded on the south by Arabian Sea. It has Pampoori Vaikal in its Western side.

The Travancore Army completely exterminated the superior and better equipped Dutch Forces which landed at Colachal in July 1741 during the reign of the Travancore King, Sree Padmanabhadasa Maharajah Sree Anizham Thirunal Veera Bala Marthanda Varma Kulasekharaperumal.

The Colachel Pillar stands 17 feet high and has a radius of four feet. It has conch at the top of the pillar and on its base the following words are inscribed: In memory of the fallen brethren during the battle.