Kanyakumari Attractions

Gandhi mandapam

Gandhi mandapam

Located near the shores of Kanyakumari, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial was built in the honour of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation.

Mahatma Gandhi has visited Kanyakumari twice, in the year of 1925 and then in 1937.

After his demise in 1948, his ashes were kept in 12 different urns so as to transfer them to different parts of the country. One of these urns was brought to Kanyakumari.

Before immersions, it was kept at the spot where the memorial is built now for public so that they can pay their last homage to one of the greatest sons of India.

Later the ashes were immersed in the sea waters at Kanyakumari. Later Mahatma Gandhi Memorial or Gandhi Mandapam was built at the same place.