Kanyakumari Attractions



Muttom is beautiful beach with some rocks and caves.The major occupation of people in Muttom is fishing.

Muttam beach is about 32KM from the Kanyakumari coast (16KM from Nagercoil) and is on the western coast.

The sea here is quite rough and giant rocks extend from coast to the sea. There is also a lighthouse at Muttam beach.

Muttom village is attracted by visitors because of its beautiful beach.

More than hundreds of people come to the beach every day and spending their time on the beach shore.

It is approximately 75 km from the Trivandrum International Airport.

There is a lighthouse which was constructed by British India. The lighthouse, though near the sea, is situated 110 ft (34 m) above sea level.

The structure was built when India was part of the British Empire until 1947.