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Ulakkai falls

Ulakkai falls

Ulakkai Aruvi is a beautiful falls on Pazhayar, close to its origin.

It is so named as it resembles a wooden utensil in the shape of hour glass.

You can reach this beautiful place by bus also. Ulakai Aruvi is situated about 40 km north of kanyakumari.

you have to trek for about 3 Kms inside the forest to reach the falls.

Have to clamber the rocky steps to reach Ulakai Aruvi.

Ulakkai Aruvi is a natural waterfall situated in Azhagiapandipuram village.

Water is available in this water fall even in the summer season. Many tourists come here for bathing and to enjoy the nature.

The pathway to this waterfall lies in the Reserve Forest. So you get the very pure air and the place is pin drop silent....